This subsite presents games we did for Sandlot Games in years 2004-2009.

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Granny In Paradise®

Super Granny's back and ready to rumble. While on a well deserved vacation, Super Granny's kitties are abducted. Run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble through 5 worlds and over 170 levels to rescue Granny's cats from the dastardly Dr Meow.

Free Download Trial version - 10.2 MB


Press reviews

"(...) Granny Paradise is a very nice looking, entertaining game, and will surely kill lots of your free time quite successfully."
"(...) it may make you laugh a bit - especially if you enjoy taking on the persona of an aggressive, active and rather high-spirited person."

Players' comments

"I have this and the Super Granny3. I really like both of the games, but this is by far the best of the Granny games. It is more of a challenge I think. Have to think before you move. I sure hope you are going to develope another game of this type. Thanks again..I score it a perfect 10 in all areas." - katydid2 (posted at Reflexive)
"Granny Is a Cool Lady! This game is really good for the younger ones who want to play without too much frustration. That being said, it's not as eay as it looks to help granny save those cats. LOL! Those pesky Tiki men are out to thwart her at every turn.

I like the level editor as well, even though I haven't finished creating my own level yet. It's always good to play with to learn little tricks for playing the other levels.

I hope I can be as cool as Granny when I get to that stage of life. LOL!" - rhemaangel (posted at Reflexive)

System requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium II 400 MHz or better
256 MB System RAM
DirectX 7 or above
3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card with 16MB Video RAM
Internet 5.0+, AOL 5,6 or MSN browsers
Keyboard & mouse required
Joystick and game pad are not supported

Vista Minimum Requirements:
800 Mhz modern processor
512 MB RAM
Graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable