This subsite presents games we did for Sandlot Games in years 2004-2009.

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Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure. Harness the powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether as you explore 255 dazzling levels in 5 different worlds. Help heal the land in Quest Mode and try Action Mode for an even greater challenge.

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Press reviews

"Glyph is an excellent puzzle game that any fan of the genre should pick up. The non-matching puzzle that appears regularly throughout the Quest mode as well as the frequent introduction of new types of tiles is spaced just frequently enough to keep the game from feeling too repetitive and is a great way to relax after a long day at the office."
"(...) the graphics of the video are great. It's like watching a Final Fantasy cinematic movie. But that's not all. The action gets frantic as you move through the levels. Not many puzzles can do that, but these here can."
"(...) really relaxing and fun, mostly thanks to the pleasant soothing background music and sound effects (...). The game has a lovely ethereal quality to it as well, as the colors are so bright and cheerful, radiating brilliant blues and greens just to name a few, that you can't help but feel yourself relax and reach some level of inner peace."
"(...) Glyph is a fun and easy-to-learn puzzler that's ideal for casual players in search of a relaxing time-waster. And the glyph theme works, supported by attractive ancient graphics, nature sound effects and soothing new age music."

Tips and tricks

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System requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium II 400 MHz or better
256 MB System RAM
DirectX 8.1 or above
3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card with 32MB Video RAM
Internet 5.0+, AOL 5,6 or MSN browsers
Keyboard & mouse required

Vista Minimum Requirements:
800 Mhz modern processor
512 MB RAM
Graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable