This subsite presents games we did for Sandlot Games in years 2004-2009.

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Help Katya explore five elemental realms and heal the mysterious and damaged world of Kuros in this hidden object adventure.
Walk with the Exile as she uncovers ancient Glyph Energy, buried deep below the surface of Kuros, and drives back the shadow destroying this once beautiful planet.
One of the market's longest running series with thousands of fans worldwide. Help Granny rescue her cats and kick some butt in this action platformer.

Other games

A "match 3" style puzzle game with enchanting art and peaceful music. Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs and harnessing the powers of Five Elements.
Super Granny® 3 Bestseller series!
Help Granny navigate an abandoned European theme park, currently controled by a bunch of wild dogs. Kitties are waiting to be rescued in more than 200 levels and 5 uniquely hilarious scenes.
Super Granny's ski resort vacation is cut short when her kitties go missing. Navigate Granny through 90+ new action-packed levels, some created by fellow players.
While on a well deserved paradise vacation, Super Granny's kitties are abducted. Run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble through 5 worlds and over 170 levels, rescuing Granny's cats from Dr Meow.
Guide Slyder and three of his friends through worlds packed with fun, excitement, and danger! Explore four huge worlds, each with unique characters and items to interact with!

About us

We're a team of seasoned developers, coming from the mainstream game market. The company is led by Darek Rusin.